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The Author Anthony W Johns.

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Psychology Books by Anthony W Johns are licensed under a
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based on the work at http://www.exact-psychology.com/bk6.htm
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New Book! Book Nine: 'The Curse Of A Nymphomaniac'.

New Book! MC: 'Muslim Christian'.

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The Author has created eight books, these books are offered free on this site.

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Two New Free E-Books Published Here .

Book One.
(C) Programming Basic For Eternal Life. PG 18. This is an adult book! You must be aged 18 or older to down load this book.

This book looks at the three defective programs that were installed in the authors brain as a child. 1. The spiritual aspect of religion. 2. Horrendous bullying on the school playground. 3. Horrendous childhood bullying by his sister. The Basic childhood programming should have been perfect.
Full Description.

Book Two.
(C) Surrogate Daughter.
PG 18. This is an adult book.
You must be aged 18 or older to down load this book.

Warning. This book is pornographic in text, it is only published because it shows evidence of extreme psychological pair bonding together with advance / retard aging: and brains as percentage calculating machines.
Full Description.

Book Three.
(C) The Valfet Audio Power Amplifier.
Full Description.

Book Four.
(C) The Fiddle.
PG 18. This is an adult book.
You must be aged 18 or older to down load this book.
When you go to a local government outdoor swimming pool you expect the pool to be managed in a professional safe manner. Often, this is not the case. This book is Alarming!!!
Full Description.

Book Five.
(C) The Cesspool And The Secret Armies.
PG 18. This is an adult book.
This science book chronicles the fast sexual interests adaptations by the author, Anthony Johns, caused by abuse from his ex wife and abuse from other parties. Some of these sexual interest adaptations happened quite fast.
Full Description.

Book Six.
(C) The Brain Natures Own Computer.
This book analyses in text, graphs, tables, and charts the human brain as a percentage calculating chemical machine.
Full Description.

Book Seven.
(C) Programming Basic For Eternal Life. Original 1992 Version.
In 1992 the author tried to program to death with psychology the people that are destroying this planet. Jacintha Saldanha was very quickly, ( psychological negative event ), programmed to death.
Full Description.

Book Eight.
(C) Self Help For Anorexia.
This book looks at how people are environmentally programmed to death, the process: causing anorexia.
Full Description.

Book Nine.
(C) The Curse Of A Nymphomaniac.
PG 18. This is an adult book.
You must be aged 18 or older to down load this book.

Warning. This book is a pornographic/science book highlighting the extreme difficulties in a relationship with a nymphomaniac. There is a scientific assessment of what causes nymphomania.
Full Description.

Book Ten.
(C) MC.
Full Description.

Book Eleven
(C) 'The Enigmatic Woman'

Book Twelve
(C) 'The Book' Janet James.

Book Thirteen
(C) The Book 'The Scammers'

These Three Books Are Published
Here .



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