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Below are excerpts from the book

(C) The Brain: Natures Own Computer.

The following subjects are explained,

1. What Is Love?

2. What Is Thought?

3. How Rhythm And Music Evolved.

4. Sound Perception.

5. Consciousness And Free Will.


Love Analysis. A very simply presented illustrated explanation and analysis for love: for the child reader down to the age of eleven to understand. This explanation and analysis is given below with graphs, a pie chart, and tables, that show how love programs are built in the brain.


Love is the truth program between two people, the compatible positive future brain program between two people. Positive future is what drives people, you must have positive future drive, something to look forward to in time, ( to enjoy ) to keep living.

The scientists, the psychologists, state that love is a Psychological Pair-Bond Algorithm. I will explain this. Psychological: is to do with the brain, Pair-Bond: is two people that have love for each other, Algorithm: a process or set of rules as used in a computer. An algorithm is a computer program.

Technically a psychological pair-bond is for males and females in courtship. However, this applies to other brain programs. The term psychological pair-bond is used here to represent all of the friend person relationships programs in a brain, this seems appropriate. A Psychological Pair-Bond Algorithm is two brains that have come together to project each other in Positive Future with compatible brain truth program: this is love.

Note. The program lasts until the positive truth projection for the two bonded brains can no longer be achieved. When the bond is corrupted, fails, a falling out of friendship, usually through lies or deceit, or distancing, or bereavement, this will be defined by the brain as a Negative Future, ( no future ), input. This causes an emotion to emerge. This Negative Future input to the brain often causes depression and mental illness to emerge.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 37.

We will now look at how the Positive Future psychological pair-bond algorithm love programs are built up in the brain. As these programs build up, increase, or decrease, the percentage varies. The human brain is just a data input, through the five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch: a pattern percentage calculating machine.

From prior to being born and from the moment you are born you are searching for Positive Future survival program. This is your search for eternal life for yourself and your species. The, Positive Future, physical and psychological programs that you are looking for will be presented to you as a number of different people helping you to grow from a baby to a child to an adult.

Whoever cares for you the most will be your greatest psychological pair-bond, ( program, love. ) If the male of the household toilets you, washes you, feeds you, cuddles you, cares for you the most: your brain will open up the greatest security Positive Future psychological pair-bond algorithm brain program for this person.

From day one, the day you are born, the body odour, facial features, and voice tone of this person will be quickly programmed / installed, in to your brain, and you will always look for him more than any other person, have love for him more than any other person. This will be, and is while you need to use it, your absolute: priority survival, love - truth - security - confidence, program. These programs are, digital, rising steps of program daily as an increasing percentage of pair-bond. As can be seen from Graph One below: these programs are accumulative, ( they add together ), Program one, plus program two, plus program three etc. This creates the daily increasing volume of the pair-bonded love program.

This is a bit like building a high quality house, the layers of house bricks forming the foundation of the house are laid by different people with a lot of care, layer by layer, until the house is built.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 38.

All of the programs that are in your brain, programmed in to the brain from the external head sense receptors, sight, sound, smell, taste, are built up in the manner as shown below. The data from the senses builds up maps of reference images in the brain. These personal reference image programs, from sight, sound, smell, taste, build up daily from the environment that you are born in to: to enable you to live: to survive in your environment. The similarity of laying house bricks is shown by the increasing daily steps that are built up layer by layer with the passing of days of time.

Graph One.

If you draw a blue line through the top corners of the steps as shown on Graph One above, starting this line at the bottom left hand corner and finishing in the top right hand corner: this line shows the rising increasing pair-bond love program. This program is shown increasing daily.

These increasing psychological pair-bond algorithms, ( love ), from carers can build up in to very large volume programs, and if your main carer dies or just stops caring for you in the first year or two of your life and another carer takes over, this event will destabilize your brain, cause you serious neural corruption: such a fault in your positive projection will leave you mentally impaired, make you mentally ill, and this may leave you with a permanent mental disorder.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 39.

When you are born you have no love pair-bond programs installed in your brain, so the blue line on, Graph Two, below shows this state by starting at zero at the bottom left hand corner. The blue line then rises in time as the love pair-bond programs are installed in the brain. The blue line on the graph below represents all the love that is programmed in to the brain by loving caring people, carers, parents, sisters, brothers, friends. You can see that there is no fault in this line as it rises: this is because this child has had a very loving stable upbringing: with no abuse since the child was born.

Note, At age two and a half years, ( 2.5 years ), the graph flattens out. This is because the love programs have built up to such a level that they probably will not increase much further as the child acquires new friends and loses friends, or relatives move to live in far away areas, so the child does not see them so much. I call this the maximum love programs line: I rate this flat line at one hundred per cent. This line may vary ten to twenty percent as the child grows up and lives an adult life.

Graph Two.

The green line on Graph Two above shows something quite different. This is a child that has not seen so much love and care from the moment of being born: the graph rises at a slower level and note where it drops at age one and a half, ( 1.5 ), this drop shows an event of serious abuse. This negative drop, ( Negative Future brain input ), I term this serious neural corruption as a fault, ( this is a fault in the straight line ): you will see that the brain never fully recovers from this induced fault.

This serious abuse could be caused by: sexual abuse, or extreme violence, or a carer that showed extreme love for the child, and then stopped showing this love. This fault abuse can cause genes to express and can cause mental disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or schizophrenia to develop. It is important to realize that the brain calculates and works only in a positive or negative data input mood. Negative input corrupts the brain, this causes neural corruption / mental impairment / induced, mental illness.

You will see that the green line, that after the fault, this rises at a lesser level, it does not rise so fast, not only is the brain confused with the corruption: the trust and security has gone, so all the trust in other positive future programs, friends relatives, etc. is now affected. This is why the line does not rise so fast. When the line straightens out: the volume of the love programs is much less than is shown for the blue line.

The poor display of the red line on, Graph Two, above shows a very abused child by poor carers, usually parents, or a poor mental state single parent, this usually leads to abuse by sisters and brothers. Such people that grow up without love: often with a violent childhood, these people when they are adults, with their displayed behavior, this puts them in a category that is termed as, the low-life's, these people have no morals.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 40.

These are often the violent drunks, illiterate, heavy drugs users, habitual liars, thieves and cheats. Their brain programs: this is the product of their upbringing. The love was not there. Here is the product for the rapist, the mugger, the murderer, the serial offender, the delinquent. There is much more mental illness in this adult group than there is in the group of adults that as children were brought up in a loving caring environment, have loving caring friends: and stay in a loving caring friends group.

In a family without much love, where there is much parental negativity, depression and abuse, this unstable environment will cause the children to express genes and start puberty earlier.


By the time you get to this part of the book, you may now realize that you are one of the few, unfortunately you are a defectively programmed person: caused by child abuse. You may get very angry and want to cause harm to your abuser: your abusers. Do not rush to see your abuser and take unlawful action, the anger will pass, you are alive, you have got a life, so, it is not perfect: neither is every other persons life. You have to put the past behind you, get on with your life, and try to enjoy your life: as best you can.


All of the different love programs that are programmed in to your brain from birth make up your psychological pair-bond's personal memory map. All of the positive future love programs, the installed pair-bond's in your brain vary slightly daily as they are built up. The assessed total of the percentages of these pair-bonds: your personal memory map build up as a pie chart, and these love programs can be assessed and displayed as a pie chart.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 41.

Note. If you do not know what a pie chart is then imagine a pork pie cut in equal halves, half the pie is expressed as a percentage and half is fifty percent, so each side of the pie is fifty percent. The two sides added together make the whole pie, this is one hundred percent. If the pie had been cut in to equal quarters, these quarters are expressed as twenty five percent quarters. Smaller pieces would be an even smaller percentage, larger pieces are a larger percentage.

The pie chart, Graph Three, below shows the differing percentages of programmed Positive Future truth input pair-bonded input programs ( love ), as they have been built up in the brain of a fourteen year old girl living with her parents and three younger sisters. The pair-bond programs add up to one hundred percent.

Graph Three.

Area One,
Nineteen Point Five Per Cent, ( 19.5% ), shows the fathers love program installed in her brain, this father program is larger than the mothers brain program. It is quite common to love one parent more than another.

Area Two,
Eleven Point Five Per Cent ( 11.5% ), shows the mother love program installed in her brain, Her mother always wanted boys as children, consequently the mothers love program is not as strong as the fathers program. This lesser love program from the mother is accurately percentage calculated by the child's brain, and is therefore less.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 42.

Area Three,
Six Point Five Per Cent, ( 6.5% ), shows the next younger sister aged twelve love program installed in her brain, there was always jealousy with this sister, this was the first additional child that she saw. Therefore, the percentage is less.

Area Four,
Twelve Per Cent, ( 12% ), shows the youngest two year old sister love program installed in her brain, this is the largest sister area, Our fourteen year old girl is very maternal and loves this young child immensely, always feeding it, cuddling it, playing, both smile more on first eye contact. Note. This programs high volume has risen very fast, only two years, this shows the extent of the maternal-ism in this girl.

Area Five,
Nine Per Cent, ( 9% ), shows the younger eight year old sisters love program installed in her brain.

Area Six,
Sixteen Point Five Per Cent, ( 16.5% ), shows the love for the school program, her love of her arts and her friends there.

Area Seven,
Nine Per Cent, ( 9% ), shows for simplicity the grouped, love for life, music, and all that is this planet, the animals, the flowers.

Area Eight,
Sixteen Per Cent, ( 16% ), shows her love for her sixteen year old boyfriend, although the relationship is only of two years standing, they are very compatible in looks, art academic skills, and sport, they spend as much time as they can together, and they are very much in love.

All of the areas in the graph, the areas vary on a day to day basis as the brain programs slightly vary. Large variations will cause massive brain destability.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 43.

All of the brain programs in the pie chart, although they are scaled to One Hundred Per Cent ( 100%), are only programmed in to part of the personal memory map of the brain. Such input programming often only occupies about a third of the overall large capacity one hundred billion cells programmable brain area.

Your love programs percentages will change every day of your life, new love programs will be introduced, these increase and decrease. Some love programs will decrease until they are not remembered at some future time at all. These dead programs are committed to sub conscious memory. ( Archived ).


Office paper files are often stored in cardboard folders, electronic files in computers are stored in dedicated created areas, these electronically created areas are also commonly known as folders.

So, you can see the different sections in the pie chart above, there were no such sections when this child was born, no such programs at birth. Her brain created files for people and events and when she was old enough the realize what these files were they had become arranged in to folders with titles mum, dad, sisters, uncles, friends, etc. These folders full of filed data relates to everything about her friends and relatives: events, humour, smells, mannerisms, places. Such folders exist in my brain, this is my computer: my personal computer.

She was of course born with other folders with data hard wired in to her brain, these are the emotion maps as previously explained. The levels of the data set in these emotion maps folders set in anticipation for the new environment, the levels set genetically by data from previous generations: and this is her environmental operating system set up ready to accept the new different environmental programming: to be passed on to her children.

The above is very similar to PC,s, laptop and desktop computers. When you buy your new laptop or desktop computer it has to have an operating system installed in the main memory store for you to install and use programs that you have bought. This main memory store is currently a component called a hard drive. The most popular operating system at the moment is Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows consists of lots of folders and files.

You then install the software you need to use on your P.C, these can be games, programs or programs to type letters or programs to create pictures, ( drawing art programs ). As these programs are installed on the hard drive they take up space, ( an environmentally programmed area ), This environmentally programmed area of different programs can be displayed with the different names for the programs and the volume percentages for the programs listed in a pie chart in a similar display to the pie chart above.

The pie charts referred to above can be produced in many ways, and can also be laid out as a horizontal table. The horizontal tables for our girl are displayed below. The first table, Table One, figures are for the girl when she was aged nine: the figures are all different to the figures listed and displayed above. All her percentage of brain love programs are different at age nine to the figures for the love programs that are displayed in, Table Two, ( Table Two ), is further on at age fourteen. The figures are different again in the third further displayed table, Table Three, when this girl aged nineteen, and now a mother with her family.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 44.

At age nine Table One, below, the fathers love program is the highest, he is a maths teacher, she loves maths, it's her major academic program. She still sits on her fathers lap as he checks her maths homework most days after school. There are oughts, ( zeroes ), in the last two columns of table one below, she has not got a boyfriend or a baby yet, she is too young. However, the columns have been created, and figures are entered in tables two and three that follow.

Table One.

SIS 07
SIS 00
SIS 03


Table Two, at age fourteen is very different, she has a boyfriend and a new little baby sister aged two. She loves her new baby sister and her boyfriend very much. The love and need for the father, mother, and other sisters is now less, her boyfriend and her two year old sister are two of her major love programs.

Table Two.

SIS 12
SIS 02
SIS 08


The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 45.

Table Three, below, is quite different again. She has a family, she has set up home with her boyfriend and their one year old daughter. Note how the love percentages have dropped for her old family, she still loves her old family: but her priority is her new family. School is still high on the list, she is pursuing her academic interests at the local college. Note. She is enjoying life more with her new family.

Table Three.

SIS 17
SIS 07
SIS 13


Remember, all the love program percentages are slowly changing daily, they change throughout her life. Sudden death or loss of a close major pair-bond, best friend, child, father, husband, wife, this negative input, this fault, will cause serious overall neural corruption. If the lost pair-bond is the highest percentage pair-bond the Serious Neural Corruption may corrupt her brain to such an extent that she may have to see a doctor, ( U.S. M.D. Medical Doctor ).

She may have to take modern drugs to stabilize her brain, The neural corruption may be so severe that she may have to spend some time in a mental hospital where the drugs she receives will help stabilize her brain. With such a neural corruption, negativity creates negativity, this negative event will upset her decision making process, with such severe neural corruption she will have very little ability to make correct decisions.

For most people dramatic change does not happen, they have reasonable brain stability throughout their life. The memory map will change throughout their life, there was no pair-bond programs when they were born, these all slowly built up as their brain was programmed. Your father program in your brain when you are, one year old, could be, fourteen percent, of the memory map, at ten years old, sixteen percent, at thirty years old, ten percent, and when you are aged, sixty five, four percent.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 46.

At age sixty five the brain program for your father could drop as low as four percent, your father is now aged eighty, his health is failing, you know he could soon die. Your brain gets ready for this loss and the love program drops off in readiness for this sad neural corrupting event. You have your family, the positive future for you now lies with your family, this is your priority.

This parent drop off happens to lots of people with good family support, this obviously does not happen to all people, some people do not start families, some people do not love their partners at a high percentage, some people love themselves far in excess of others, some people because of environmental programming love their old aged fathers at a very high percentage: and never get over the loss of this loved one.

All the tables in this book were created in the Microsoft Excel maths spread-sheet program. If you have access to the Microsoft Excel maths spread-sheet program, you can create an assessment of a memory map of your child from when it is born or an assessment of your own or friends memory maps. When you update or finish the table if you wish you can save the table as an HTML web page and display the table at any time to view on any computer in a web browser.


Throughout the next sections of this book, the love and mental illness sections, you will see that the human brain is a very simple pattern addition percentage calculating machine. You will see further on in this book that this same pattern of addition is repeated as the workings of the brain become more apparent to the reader. You will see where simple brain programs are summed, ( added together ). This is the same for the thought process. Therefore thought is: thought A plus thought B equals thought C.

So, in your brain you have your environmental program, all of this is just program. So, thought is environmental program A + environmental program B = environmental program C. You will find further on in this book that this simple program addition process forms most of the functions in the brain.


It is my hypotheses that rhythm, (the verbal repeating of sound and the repeating of body movement to sound), is set up in the womb by the loud repetitive noise of the mother's heart beat and the induced body movement to the baby caused by this heart beat.

The heart is just above the unborn child's head, this induces a loud thump through the skull of the unborn child and slightly moves the unborn child's body. The development for the love of repetitive sound and body movement is in the timing of the harmonics of this bass beat fundamental to all music: but particularly noticed in the thump of the repetitive bass beat of recent popular rock and rave music with the accompanying dance body movement. This loud bass best simulates the heart beat heard in the womb.

Having experienced this fundamental program providing comfort: the brain will always search for the replacement of this lost program. This is quite common and happens with all security programs in the brain that are built up as a baby, a child, or as an adult. The brain always searches for the replacement of lost stability love and comfort programs.


All the perceptions for all the senses are different for all people, this is because every persons genetic and environmental program is different. The hearing sense sub memory map builds up in the same manner as all the other memory maps, nerves, axons, grow daily to link neurons to store the sound data. The sounds program map percentage increases daily: as the new sounds are stored.

If you could only listen to a lot of live music from when you were born, particularly stringed instruments, piano, violin, acoustic guitar and clear tone musical instruments, flute, clarinet, saxophone, triangle, and a range of percussion instruments, (different drums), you would develop a very clear perception of what these musical instruments really sound like.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 35.

Every time you listened to these musical instruments, the brain would have built up an average sound percentage map for the tone, (volume, quality, pitch). If however from birth you only listened to a cheap small radio and the television sound from a small poor quality loudspeaker in the television, or only listened to poor quality digital music, your brain would build up a different tone reference map for these musical instruments.

This is why every person's perception for sound quality is different and it is recommended that if you are buying expensive hi-fi, (a sound system), and every different hi-fi system sounds different to every other hi-fi system, they all sound different. You must listen to the sound system in your home before purchasing: or you may not be satisfied with the reproduced sound quality.

One man that I know saved up a lot of money to buy an expensive hi-fi system. He bought a complete system that was recommended in a hi-fi magazine. The produced sound did not match his sound reference brain memory map, he had spent all his money, he did not like the sound, he could not sleep; this event nearly caused him to have a nervous breakdown, (Serious Neural Corruption). All rooms are different sizes and furnished differently, this effects the reproduced sound. Always listen to expensive hi-fi in your home to see if you like it: before you buy it!

You as the reader, may find it difficult to understand that a man was nearly driven to a nervous breakdown by such an event. What you have to realize is that this is this working mans pleasure, he absolutely loves to listen to his music: this was very important to him. He had worked hard for a long time saving up the money for this expensive hi-fi. This was his major pleasure, all decisions are made to maximize pleasure. This hi-fi he saw as an absolute for his positive future. You will find further on in this book that, " positive future ", is very important.

Often a hi-fi enthusiast when buying new equipment will be pleased with the sound reproduced, he is happy, he has just bought a new toy. The feel good factor increases the sensitivity and the efficiency of all the senses.

Sensory experiences are inherently private. Sensory experiences are highly individualized. No two people live in the same sensory world. The world you see, the foods you taste, the odours you smell: all are perceived in a way unique to you.

The Brain! Natures Own Computer. Page 36.

If you are a child, you may find the next short piece on consciousness difficult to understand, ask a teacher or knowledgeable parent to slowly explain it.


There is no scientific evidence for a separate mind, there is just the brain with it's memory maps that acts as a simple addition calculating machine. There is further evidence that the brain is a computer, a mathematical machine, in that infants learn maths before they can speak.

I do not see consciousness or free will as an illusion. The author, sees consciousness as the ability to calculate a programmed percentage of awareness: an awareness to perform requisite duties, to survive in the programmed personal assessment of the requisite personal survival environment.

The author, similarly, sees free will as nothing more than a decision / calculation process, calculated by organic computational brains: that have evolved the necessity for such a process.


If you are single and looking for a partner you will need to down load this e-book Book6 (C), "The Brain: Natures Own Computer," from this site to see how you can apply science to build a bonding partner relationship that has a better chance of surviving long term: there is no guarantee to success just a higher percentage chance of that long term successful partner relationship.





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