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If proved true my experience and hypothesis could drive a knife straight through global religions.


I was programmed as a child with religion, however, I was abused by a church choirmaster as a child, this disturbed me and caused mental problems for most of my life. Religion causes a lot of mental impairment often throughout ones life: and particularly in later life.

In my case between the age of 28 and 46 I was very confused. I had knowledge of evolution and Christianity this was conflicting, along with other negativity this eventually caused a nervous breakdown with religious mania: I could feel Christ inside me.

With this delusion linked to religion on one occasion I could see my youngest daughter turning in to a witch, had I thought she was satanic I could have killed her. On another occasion I thought my best friend was a representative of god and could walk through a wall to see me.

I became severely hypomanic, I could not sleep, drugs had to be administered to allow me to sleep avoiding exhaustion and death. The full account of my life leading up to this nervous breakdown is chronicled on this site in book one.

It took me three years to rebuild my brain to good mental health reading science, evolution, biology, psychiatry, psychology, and all about the nervous system. With this gained knowledge I recovered from the religious mania and rejected religion as false.

This nervous breakdown was catastrophic I lost my own house, my business, and my wife. I have created several books that chronicle the whole saga. The religion/evolution confusion between the age of 28 and 46 caused what I term as endless thought loops trying to figure out which was right evolution or religion? this daily exercise was disruptive.

I kept thinking what is this all about? what am I doing at this point in time living on this planet one of many planets in this solar system locked in their magnetic orbits. What is this all about?


Many people as they age particularly after a bereavement then get locked in this destructive thought loop evolution/religion process, they do not talk about this conflicting destructive mental state to relatives and friends: they suffer in silence.

They just press on in this increasingly confusing destructive mental state until this destructive mental state overpowers them when they are hospitalised and prematurely destroyed.

Such a thought loop, what is this all about? Will I go to heaven? Did I pick the wrong religion? Should I have gone for a reincarnation religion? Will I see my loved one's again when I die? : What is this all about? Many people have committed suicide to be with a loved one or loved one's: what a waste.

Religious organisations know that if they can get their programs in to young brains that they can captivate these brains in to their program, they ruthlessly exploit this. Many people in these organisations have religious mania and are convinced what they are doing is good.

My dementia hypothesis needs rigorous scientific investigation to bring it to a positive conclusion. People that are just entering in to dementia need to be scientifically interviewed to ascertain their mental state: particularly what they think about regards religion and death and what their concerning thoughts are in relation to death? Also, what confusing thoughts do they dwell on?

My free ebook, 'Book Six' explains every aspect of Mental Illness Causes on my site below needs professionally editing, if you can get help to achieve this, a volunteer, this will be great.
Book Six.

A sceptic James Randi has offered a one million dollar prize for Nineteen years to any person that can present to him and his scientific educational establishment scientific evidence of paranormal phenomena, no person to date has satisfied this criterion and collected the prize. There is no paranormal it is just delusion.

I am sending this hypothesis out as a circular to global sceptic/atheist magazines, if the scientific research is positive I would like to be credited for bringing this matter to the attention of the scientific community.

I am currently losing money, any help or advice to address this problem will also be great!

I am yours Sincerely, Anthony W Johns, M.D. brainmemorymaps.com - lovemaps.club

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A letter with a link to this page was sent via email to the institutions listed below.

American Atheist Magazine.

Council For Secular Humanism.

The Free Thinker.


Atheist Alliance.

Skeptical Inquirer.

Skeptic Magazine.

The Skeptic.

Truth Seeker.

Other organisations were contacted, there is a lot of power in religions, connected governments and monarchies. For this reason the full list of people and organisations that can put pressure on science institutions to stop them researching and publishing that have been contacted have not been listed as above.

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Anthony W Johns
34 Bishops Hill

Tel +44 1473 281769
Business Email - manager@brainmemorymaps.com
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Dated. 25TH February 2016.

Mr. Jo Johnson MP
The Minister for Universities and Science.
Palace of Westminster,


Hello Minister, I assess that there is a growing problem of terminal
dementia brought about by religion. Can you please get a university
to investigate this matter and let me have a report.

Please refer to the letter below.

Poppy Ward
Woodlands Unit
Ipswich Hospital
IP4 5PD​

For the attention of Dr Jenkins Senior Consultant Poppy Ward,
Dr. Elzubeir Senior registrar, and Dr. Haig Derby Road
Surgery Ipswich.

Hello, I met the above Woodlands Doctors on the 19Th June 2015
when they came to my house with the police, a mental health act
assessment, the conclusion I was not suffering mental illness.

I am a scientist entrepreneur www.valfet.com -
www.exact-psychology.com - www.brainmemorymaps.com my primary
interest is the eradication of mental illness through education.

I am writing to the doctors above to try to get some of my
science work published, I am particularly concerned at the effect
of spiritual religions that I assess add to the increasing current
global mental health burden.

Please refer to my publication about this and the effect of religion 
upon myself - http://www.exact-psychology.com/dementia.htm

I state in my publication that we need to get religion out of schools
however, my hypothesis, there could be a positive side to religion.

A further hypothesis, currently, the assessed scientific data indicates
that there are five genes that effect the following conditions autism 
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder clinical depression bipolar 
disorder schizophrenia.


A assess that when the foetus is growing these genes are not switched
on or dormant, if the pregnant mother is shocked/traumatized by a
negative event this enables the respective mental condition gene. This
process of enabling dormant or switched off genes through abuse/shock/
trauma carries on after birth enabling these genes to be switched
on/expressed causing such mental conditions.

Dr. Haig is a member of the Governing Body and Clinical Executive 
and clinical lead for Mental Health and learning disabilities for
Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG. 

Perhaps the three doctors cited in this letter can put a scientific
paper together citing some points the above including my name as
principle writer and cite my www.brainmemorymaps.com web site to
advance the knowledge and the science.

Please thank Nurse Parry Derby Road Surgery for my recent thorough
MOT, my physiology, the results of inquiries of what nurse Parry
wanted from a blood test.

This letter will be published on my Exact-Psychology.com web site.

Copy to the Minister of State for Universities and Science - GOV.UK

I hope this helps the cause.

I am Yours Sincerely,

Anthony W Johns.