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Brain Software Explained.

This page is difficult for some people to understand and can be mentally destabilizing.

If you lose interest, or cannot easily understand this different science discipline,

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Authors Note.

Physicists discuss and experiment the subject 'what is real or not?' Quantum Physics What Is Really Real?

Everything on this planet our solar system, the universe, and the universes are made out of atoms. There is a simple explanation for atoms here. There is a more detailed explanation for atoms here. There is a lot of free space in atoms, the nucleus and the electrons that make up an atom are small compared to the overall size of the atom.

The physicists now state that everything on this planet and the universes can be analyzed to mathematical data and the planet and the universes are holographic. Are atoms software? So, is it all software? I find it difficult to get my head round these claims, however, I am going further research this.

Physicists in their analyses are as different as snow flakes, and much of this is hypotheses, reference article. Four eminent physics scientists discuss their different hypothetical views in an academic discussion. 'The holographic principle'. reference discussion.

There are always new discoveries in science as we move forward, the following is very interesting. There has been a recent discovery of a Star-Trek-style-invisible-shield around our planet 7,200 miles above the planet. This is a Daily Mail UK newspaper science and technology page on line publication.

I never give full credibility to Daily Mail publications, there is always publications about the sightings of ghosts and UFOs with supporting pictures that can be easily fabricated. However, the article is referenced to work published by the University of Colorado Boulder USA, reference article.

I am very interested in this invisible safety shield around our planet protecting life because it moves me nearer to my hypotheses that life on this planet was set up and monitored by an advanced extra terrestrial peaceful intelligence and this force field could have been set up by this peaceful intelligence, my hypotheses.

There is a dramatic Game Changer published here.




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