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Book Nine. Description.

The Curse Of A Nymphomaniac.

This is a new genre! This book mixes science analyses, pornography, and integrated meaningful modern pop music songs lyrics inked to matching relevant promotional You Tube videos: this is done to promote the still evolving science of psychology.

This true story book is also a scientific analyses of the experience the scientist Anthony Johns had with Sarah who is a nymphomaniac, the relationship lasted four years.

Anthony was the only man to ever fully satisfy Sarah, however, finally, Anthony could not keep up with Sarah's unbelievable drive and need for love cuddles and sex.

This book gives explicit details of the sex in the relationship and is only suitable for persons over the age of Eighteen.

Some people will see this latest controversial science publication as just sexual. I published this work because it highlights the plight of the nymphomaniac, empathy, care, protection, from Anthony and the book will be of interest to psychologists.

The book also highlights the need for a lot of love and cuddles by Anthony because of the abuse that he was getting in Ipswich. This book also shows restraint, not to assault when a partner is unfaithful.

I am very grateful to Sarah and I have extreme respect for her, I worked during the day and saw her at nights. Sarah knew my science work was important to help people. My work she did not understand and for most days in the relationship she was drunk, bored, and stayed in bed.

Sarah was a hopeless alcoholic because her children had gone, she has learning difficulties and low IQ. Her children had been taken in to care and because of this she loved to cuddle and pet for most of the time when we were together. She was very loving and caring for most of the time in sex.

The local Social Services were made aware of this book, shortly after the SS awareness there was a local newspaper publication stating that SS would provide greater care for mothers that had children taken away from them.

The relationship failed with Sarah because of my inadequacy to sexually satisfying her, this book is an Eight page book that can be read in Twenty to Thirty minutes. The book can be read live here , or down load the not updated PDF zipped file on the download link below to save the book to read anytime on your computer.

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