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Book Seven Description.

Programming Basic For Eternal Life.

PG 18

The reader must be aged 18 or over to read this book.

In 1992 the author tried to program to death with psychology

the people that are destroying this planet.

Jacintha Saldanha was very quickly,
( psychological negative event ), programmed to death.

This science book highlights perverted, unusual for the author, mental states created in a depressive nervous breakdown. This adaptation proves how the brain is plastic in that for a year before my wife left she argued daily ferociously against my developing analyses that life is organic machine, ( now termed as chemical machine ), and that we are environmentally programmed from birth. My wife thought that I was mental beyond redemption. This further considerable brain corruption caused for the first time homosexual and pedophile fantasy. There has never been any sexual criminal offense offending.

PBFELA92.TXT. This is a copy of the original book sent out to 331 businesses and government departments in May 1992. Parts 9 and 10 of this book are to do with programming out waste to stop the destruction of the human race by fossil fuel pollution and deforestation. The author tried to kill people with psychology that were polluting the planet.

This book was created as a game with poor grammar and spelling mistakes, you had to perfect the work. In doing so, passing the game on as a pyramid program: you also perfected the planet. The game had to be passed on or the person receiving the game would die. Pass it on or die.

The author assumed having created the game, ( program ), that he was locked in to the program, the author had to project the program or he would die. This tied in with the authors thinking that the program was an act of nature: we just could not have evolved for 3.8 billion years with extreme difficulty to destroy ourselves by changing the gas levels on this our host planet.

I had to set up a referee with credentials that would understand my work, my chosen referee was Sir Clive Sinclair, I have great respect for Sir Clive. The people that I sent the disks to had to refer to Sir Clive for verification. Sir Clive was not notified in advance of the disks being sent out. Sir Clive after this concentrated on electric vehicles.

I had to publish to so many people, I was afraid of being killed for a very limited publication. After sending the copies out, I was under surveillance by M15 for about six weeks. The download file is titled PBFELA92 This is Programming Basic For Eternal Life April 1992. A 5.25 inch floppy computer disk format was used for easy postal and easy copy transmission to be copied and transmitted globally.

The book was created and 331 copies sent out on computer disk by letter post 03-05-92. The format was ASCII text that was the common format at the time: and could be read globally in any word processor or text editor. I hoped the program would collapse the globally destructive capitalist program to a simple ecological true equal communist program. It now looks as though we are going to have to use a geoengineering or geoengineering projects, ( the stupidity has already started ), to try to stop the death of our planet.

Unfortunately the program never worked, It did not adapt the very destructive polluting areas of the capitalist program. I was concerned about being killed shortly after sending out the disks. I was under intense pressure, intensively surveyed from about 10 05 92 until Midnight 11 06 92. I would think that the telephone was monitored within this time period. Who were the two women that had an interest in me at Rollerworld Colchester 11 06 92 ? They left with a man, a chauffeur, driving a large black car, the surveillance stopped then.

The book was created in Smart, ( a 1980,s word processor ), in 1991 / 1992. Some of the science has been disproved: this has not been corrected. The original 1992 file is kept in my database. This original ASCII text file was read in to Kate an open source text word processor in September 2012 and converted in to an HTML file and converted again to read as a PDF file in Adobe acrobat 4. The acrobat 4 PDF file was then compressed to a down loadable pdf zip file.

This book needs a lot of work to bring it to a professional standard for paper printing.

This file can now be down loaded as pbfela92.zip. In the Kate open source text processor conversion, this removed the U.K. G.B.P. ( Great Britain Pounds ) signs.

Down load Programming Basic For Eternal Life April 1992 from the down load link below.

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