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Book Six Description.

The Brain: Natures Own Computer.

When you read this page you might get the impression that the e-book offered here to help people understand mental illness may be difficult for the general public to understand. This book has been deliberately written in a very simple way so all people at all levels of grammar understanding: can understand this book.

The book titled, (C) The Brain: Natures Own Computer, presented here is the result of 17 years research by the author following a Nervous Breakdown. Research in to neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, neurobiology, and neuroelectronics. These subjects are presented in an easy to read format for the young teenage reader to understand, for the next generation of children to understand: what mental illness is.

The result of 17 years research has not only produced a definitive book on how the human brain works, and what causes mental illness, and what mental illness is, the author also provides the free analyzed explanation on this internet site for,

What Is Love?

Sound Perception.

How Evolution Has Produced Rhythm And Music.

An Explanation For The Thought Process.

What Consciousness Is.

It took me 17 years to crack this, " What Is Love?" The correct analyses is yours: for free, " For Love, With Love."

The love section link above answers the age old scientific problem of, " What Is Love ? " If you read the simple text and study the graphs, if you can understand this data you will have no problems reading the whole book when you down load it.


This e-book explains in detail the workings of the human brain, with a particular emphasis on what causes mental illness, how it develops, and how mental illness corrupts the brain. There is emphasis on how to avoid mental illness: and the steps that you need to take to recover from it.

Mental illness is in the most part just, positive future, brain software corruption, confused? You need to down load the e-book, (C) The Brain! Natures Own Computer. To follow the simple analyses in the book to understand this.

Some of the links in the top right hand corner of this page, Blurb, Introduction, Love, Table Of Contents, are parts of this book, please click on these links to read parts of this book.

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