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Book Four Description.

The Fiddle.

PG 18

The reader must be aged 18 or over to read this book.

This book has been published on the internet since 2006 with no legal repercussions.

The last thing you would expect from a labour flagship council is to try to kill a member of the public to permanently close an old well used lido swimming pool in Ipswich Suffolk U.K. This is what Ipswich Borough Council did in 1996.

The author of the book "The Fiddle" is Anthony Johns. The author used the Broomhill swimming pool in Ipswich, ( this pool is a large outdoor lido style pool with a deep diving pit supported by five user diving boards ). The author Anthony Johns, a diving instructor, used the pool without problems for fifteen years prior to 1992. Any dangers at the pool that the author saw were quickly addressed by the then manager, a Mr. David read.

In 1992 there was a new manager, the pool was dangerous, the new manager did not address the problems, the author called in the local newspaper to see the problems, a critical article was published in the newspaper criticizing Ipswich Borough Council who are the pool operators.

For retribution Ipswich Borough Council stopped all the artistic diving at the pool, IBC wanted the pool closed, stopping the diving deterred a lot of people from using the pool. IBC were also fiddling the recorded gate cash to incorrectly show poor usage for the pool. The pool remained dangerous until 1996.

The author went to see the leader of Ipswich Borough Council, a Mr. David William Ball at his home about the dangers and the deliberate attempt by IBC to kill an unwary pool user to close the pool permanently. There was a heated exchange between the Author and David William Ball, the author threatened to kill David William Ball if a person was killed in the broomhill pool.

There was a court case, this case was never published because this could cause a riot in the town of Ipswich Suffolk UK. The court case was also being used to try to swing a general election in the UK. The whole story including evidence is published in the authors book, "The Fiddle," there is also a good selection of pictures of the swimming pool.

The Author helped the 20c society obtain the grade 2 listing for the Broomhill pool on the 21st day of August 2001. The Author called in the HSE to view the dangers at the pool between 1993 and 2000. Remedial and correction orders were given to IBC by the HSE. Letters to the 20c society and from the HSE are published in the letters section of the book. The Broomhill pool closed at the end of the summer season in 2002. To date, ( September 2012 ), the Broomhill pool remains closed.

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