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The Author Anthony W Johns.

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Book Two Description.

Surrogate Daughter.

PG 18

The reader must be aged 18 or over to read this book.

This book has been published on the internet since June 7Th 2002 with no legal repercussions. Reference.

This book was a private book never to be published, but in 1996 the police took away my computers for inspection under the obscene publications act. The complaint was filed by the East Anglian Daily Times newspaper in Ipswich Suffolk. I was socially mixing with pubescent female children at the time.

I had written to the newspaper explaining some of the pornographic chat these children were communicating among themselves that had surprised me very much. Also, in this letter was a threat to start legal action against this newspaper for an incorrect publication they had made about me.

This science book was published by the police locally to psychologists and travelled much further afield to most psychologists in the area, this was very new pornographic psychology science that these psychologists were not aware of.

So the book was published extensively without my permission and I had no alternative than to publish the book on the internet that I knew that if I became a famous scientist this book would pop up and bite me.

This caused extreme sexual profiling by many groups in Ipswich that negated my brain changing my sexual interests map to the negative many times. The psychologists recorded these changes further negating my mental state.

This caused me to create book five 'The Cesspool And The Secret Armies', this book causing anger by Ipswich people and further harrassment of me. I am still harassed by Ipswich police, please refer to book five part six page 723.

I had mixed with pubescent children socially for fifteen years in the summer at a local outdoor lido swimming pool, this was a good social event, I was used to the children swearing and having good fun. And over time I was so used to them I became one of them: I did not see these pubescent children as adults.

There was a very slight sexual interest in the female pubescent children that I feel is normal in such circumstance. I did not enter in to sex with these girls because it is illegal with heavy penalty in the United Kingdom. I was also married for most of this fifteen year period and I considered sexual activity with minor to be immoral.

Falling in love with a pubescent female child was a trap for me waiting fo me to fall in too. I loved sport, rollerskating and high board and spring board acrobatic diving. Any child that I was mixing with at the time, if this child black or white any size said her interests were science and music, my majors, I would like more and have very likely fell in love with.

The Authors name is Anthony W Johns. In this book he uses the pseudonym of Tim Marsh. The Tim Marsh name is now an expired Trade Marked name.

Sexual intercourse without intent for procreation is just mutual masturbation, a very enjoyable experience. Contraception is necessary to keep planet numbers reduced. Personal single person self masturbation is an equally enjoyable experience and as in this case below is also partly an escape from severe induced depression.

Author's notes.
1. This pornographic science book, ( pornography in text only ), was created in a very poor induced disgusting mental state: this book reflects this. The reader may find it difficult to analyze the data in this book, to help the reader, the reader needs to read book six first for data clarification.

2. The author in his assessment suffers from OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ), This was exacerbated by the false high elated happy mood that he had before he met Hayley the subject of this book. The author was further mentally destabilized by offers of sex by under aged children.

As scientifically analyzed in this book I was further mentally destabilized by falling in love with underage Hayley, ( increased OCD ), and a very dangerous swimming pool that was of serious concern, and was also further mentally destabilizing.

The perverted mental state, homosexual and pedophile fantasy interests whilst in a very poor mental state recovering from a nervous breakdown as described in the opening paragraph of book7 description page had disappeared by 1992 before I met Hayley.

This book is published only because it illustrates in graph and text form,

1. The advance / retarding aging map of the author.

2. The extreme psychological pair bonding percentages map.

3. The human brain as a simple percentages addition calculating machine.

4. The swear slang analysis highlights severe emotion changes.

5. Serious local government corruption.


Most very stable people, ( stable childhood ), in a stable relationship, with stable friends, ( very little emotion in their lives ), will not be able to relate to this book. As a child and throughout my life I always thought that if physically possible, people of any age if the desire was there should mutually have sex and love each other. This of course was an incorrect mental state.

In 1991 I decided that throughout my life if there was any publishable content that would further the understanding of the aspect of a particular science then I would publish. This book stands as testament to that decision. The book is published for the understanding by many people that have fell in love with a lie and the phenomenal mental corruption that always accompanies such a fault.


This is a warning to parents and teachers that mix socially with children. The author of this book enjoys sport and only mixed socially with children for fifteen years. This was good fun and kept him young in attitude / outlook, and appearance. The social circle that you keep allows for the possibility of falling in love with a person in that social circle, the author could not envisage this happening, this was very unfortunate for him.

A high percentage of pubescent children are now sexually active and enjoy their new found sexuality. Many of these children want to experiment in sex, gain tuition from older lovers. This puts pressure on teachers and carers that are offered sex by these children, and often creates a sexual desire interest: that otherwise was not there.

This book follows the theme / subject, that all life on this planet is chemical machine. However, this book offers a greater analysis of this subject in the analysis section, and many readers will find answers to, 1. What is love. 2. What is thought calculation.

In 1992, at the age of forty six I was absolutely in control, with the best mental health that I had ever achieved. You are never in control, never believe it. I then fell in love with a girl aged fourteen at my favorite local sports venue. This girl I wanted to protect and project to university as a scientific surrogate daughter. As a scientist I work alone, I had not had a scientific friend for thirty years. The girl stated that her primary interest was science. The girl wanted a surrogate father to project her, we both fell in love, and were both made mental, as such, in a very highly emotional relationship.

This is a simple science book highlighting the powers of direct paternalistic love with simple graphs, tables, and explanations of analysis that illustrates all of the modes of the operation of your brain. This book shows the brain as only a very simple positive or negative input sensing, perception, accurately sensed percentage, currently easily negated, calculating machine.

There are graphs and full explanations pertinent to, 1. Showing a stepped incrementing love algorithm. 2. Similar to graph 1. Showing serious fault. 3. Linear regression. 4. A period of mental distress. 5. Mental depression. 6. Brain race Hypo-mania de:stability. 7. Thought repetition rate of suicide per day. 8. Average hours of thought for Holly, the girl that I was in love with. 9. Advancing and retarding aging process. 10. Fantasy daily orgasm repetition rate. 11. Fantasy orgasm intensity impression. 12. Brain image recall intensity for Holly. 13. Levels of anger, psychopathy. 14. Higher volume of lies and stealth by women.

There are tables and full explanations pertinent to, 1. The percentages of program interest of body parts attraction. 2. The percentages of anger causing psychopathy. 3. The psychological pair bonding algorithm program for Holly. 4. The psychological pair bonding algorithm program for Tim. 5. Weighted psychological major percentages of attraction. 6. Adapting memory map table from 1992 to 1994. 7. Some European ages of consent. 8. Sexuality in young females. 9. Swear slang analysis displaying emotion. 10. Brain program percentages of looking forward to seeing friends.

We may be able to program ourselves out of the aging program, and replication programs. This is looked at in infinite detail in this book, with a graph depicting the personal advance and retard aging of the author, with considerable text explanation.

Three pages are now added at the front of this book listing the true names of the people in this book. Nine pages are added at the rear of the book publishing two specimen relevant letters. The rest of the book remains unchanged, and the book is published on the internet: exactly as it has been for the last nine years.

The swimming pool that we in Ipswich all love where I met Hayley.

Broomhill pool.

Some friends have read this book
Denise. 1993. If you publish this book you will finish up as a very lonely man.

Kate. 1995. I thought that Holly was at fault, also, the book gave me an insight in to the two nervous breakdowns that I have had. I can also relate to the truth tables for falling in love. I would think that you hate the council.

David E.L. 2000. This book shows how a brain in pristine condition can be so easily relegated or destroyed. Also, this book shows how the stability of living in a secure family, when this is changed this leaves the isolated parties very vulnerable.

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