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Book One Description.

Programming Basic For Eternal Life.

PG 18

The reader must be aged 18 or over to read this book.

18TH September 2017. A Note. This book highlights my bad marriage caused by my infidelity, my wife divorced me 1n 1991. I have been friendly with my ex wife and her new husband since 1991 and currently I meet my ex wife for lunch every two weeks, we share the cost of the meals. I have apologized to my ex wife for my bad behaviour in our marriage.

When downloading this book you will find it is titled (C) The Armageddon: The Second Coming. This title will eventually be changed to (C) Programming Basic For Eternal Life. There is no scientific evidence for anything paranormal on this planet. Reference article .

This book also looks at the scenario that embryonic life was started on this planet by a higher intelligence life-form, Reference article . This book also explains the scenario and that Christ was a representative of this higher intelligence life-form sent to this planet to change the world.

There are many bible references in this book as to the second coming when this higher intelligence will return when all the problems on this planet are addressed and the meek have survived with eternal youth to inherit this planet.

Was Christ adapted or set up by ETI to help forward our species to direct eternal life? This subject is looked at in detail in this book. The author is now an atheist and does not believe there is anything paranormal on this planet, no spiritual heaven or hell, no spiritual angels and no God or Satan and that ghosts are illusions created by the brain. Reference article .

The many many bible references published at the end of this book indicate that we could adapt to eternal youth on this planet. God is just presented as a much higher intelligence extra terrestrial life form in this book, remember, nothing spiritual, or paranormal.

This book is also autobiographical explaining 45 years of the authors life since birth, there is also a detailed chronicle taking the reader through the nervous breakdown and how the brain reformats, rebuilds, to return to good mental health. This book will help people understand mental illness.

There is also a chronicle of ramblings of the authors brain to achieve a perfect world. This book refers to life as genetic machine, scientists now refer to life as chemical machine. During the brain reformat, reading science, the author changed his belief from Creationism to Atheism.

This book is also published to highlight the negative effect that child abuse in junior school that has a later effect in upper school and as a young adult. The horrendous way the author treated his wife in twenty five years of marriage is fully chronicled in this book, I hoped such an event would reduce junior school bullying' sadly this has not been the case.

Bullying in schools has increased due to social media, government cutbacks in the UK causing a drain or resources in families, thus increasing family tension arguments and infighting. High rents and work pressure in a less caring working environment as empathy in all age groups is decreasing adding to the problem.

Is the aging program reversible? this is looked at in detail in this book. The author was able to adapt and reverse aging by 10 years and rescind his asthma under mind control. Parts of this book are 20 years old. Book revised 2001 2010 2011 2012. It looks as though with spontaneous order all human brains on this planet will be as one, come together, rescinding aging, returning to youthfulness with eternal life, Reference article .

About twenty years ago if the author had immoral thoughts or needed to lie to his advantage he would get a pain in the lower leg to make him limp to deviate from this erroneous mental state. This condition has been repeated about two hundred times in the last twenty years.

There is a lot of useful information relating to mental illness in the authors books. The authors mental illness rescinded and he made a complete recovery.

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