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I am Anthony W Johns, I created this internet site and wrote the books presented on this internet site, I am an electronics and computing engineer. Book Six'The Brain Natures Own Computer' had to be created by a person with such qualifications.

This book is the fruit of creative thought and research of neuropsychology, neuroelectronics, neurobiology, neuropsychiatry. This thought and research process involved some fifteen thousand hours over seventeen years.

I am a scientist, an Atheist with Christian Atheist beliefs, a mechanist. Mechanists see the big bang explosion of the universe, and the projected reversal of this event as a self cycling powerful machine. Mechanists see life on this planet as a similar self cycling machine with the constant recycling of atoms.

Mechanists see all the organic life on this planet as just replicating, adapting, organic / genetic machine. I believe in 'directed panspermia', and the life-form that set up biological life on this planet sent a prodigy, a son, Two Thousand years ago to bring life on this planet to equilibrium, One Love, reference .

I was divorced in 1991, I am married to my science, this is and has always been my only real marriage. Reading and writing science is my life. I have two daughters and four grandchildren, two grandsons and two granddaughters. My grandchildren are fun loving, they are fantastic, and their company gives me good support.

A picture of one of my grandchildren is presented below, this is Danielle aged 12, I love her a lot, she grabbed my new scientist and put my reading glasses on, she had to have a fool about quick pose, so I photographed her. She reads some of the content in my New Scientist magazines from time to time.

Danielle Carroll Aged 12.



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